Episode 1: buCAWK
Episode 3: now feast on the corpse
Episode 5: ceci n'est pas une peen
Episode 7: roosterpop
Episode 9: at least mine has girth
Episode 11: i'm going to soak and wet your mom
Episode 13: astropoof
Episode 15: how long were those in there
Episode 17: naqualepsy
Episode 19: it flows into the soul
Episode 21: baby your snax will be so good
Episode 23: dyslexics are shit out of luck
Episode 25: delicious babies
Episode 27: and they will be done
Episode 29: he gon light yo ass up
Episode 31: some things cannot wait
Episode 33: countdown to LOST
Episode 35: trying to fit in can hurt others
Episode 37: the LOST writers heard our prayers
Episode 39: ...someone call chris hansen on serge
Episode 41: worst day of my life
Episode 43: you have a use after all
Episode 45: no man is safe
Episode 47: always know your foe's weakness
Episode 49: who pissed in your cheerios
Episode 51: a work of art
Episode 53: thanks i guess
Episode 55: bitches were all up in my space
Episode 57: may the force of the peen be with you
Episode 59: well, maybe i was talking to you too
Episode 61: ruined my drink
Episode 63: they just keep getting younger and younger...
Episode 65: some things we do need irl
Episode 67: bring on the mens
Episode 69: bring on the mens part 2
Episode 71: too soon
Episode 73: what a day it must've been
Episode 75: funny, my cawk does the same thing
Episode 77: it will always get worse
Episode 79: i see a pedophile
Episode 81: language barriers can be a good thing
Episode 83: the reunions will be great
Episode 85: and what did we learn/a>
Episode 87: how big yo dick is
Episode 89: at his most dangerous
Episode 91: rude, yet hilarious awakening
Episode 93: bitches best watch demselves
Episode 95: that's how he gets all the mens
Episode 97: unga gu deja vu
Episode 4: synonyms for LOL
Episode 6: imagine the long distance charges
Episode 8: poetic
Episode 10: well, it PUCKERS UP
Episode 12: it's all fair! (unless you lose)
Episode 14: our names do us PROUD
Episode 16: let's wait until it faints from blood loss
Episode 18: do like the white-faced scops owls do
Episode 20: peencakes
Episode 22: something a little off about that hat
Episode 24: it's a cycle
Episode 26: hemi-SUPLISE
Episode 28: took the bend right out
Episode 30: every comic needs a cheap (easy to draw) joke
Episode 32: bitches trying to get in on it
Episode 34: yeah, that's supposed to be the subway
Episode 36: couldn't even finish his yawn first
Episode 38: MS Peens
Episode 40: seed like a pro
Episode 42: bring on the Pacific Energy Drink Party
Episode 44: so, does this make me a jackass?
Episode 46: violation on the Matrix level
Episode 48: sometimes they're still attached
Episode 50: if i had a nickel...
Episode 52: dress like a freak, get treated like a freak
Episode 54: might have to read this more than once
Episode 56: this fail needs only one frame
Episode 58: an extensive length has its downsides
Episode 60: why not the hours when I DIDN'T have to get up
Episode 62: why, what does everyone else use it for?
Episode 64: everlasting booty warmth
Episode 66: well, I guess no one's going to heaven
Episode 68: check your household products for Aqua's contribution
Episode 70: and they were very nice thoughts
Episode 72: invisible block technology can be a bitch
Episode 74: time's a wastin'
Episode 76: a bottomless vacuum
Episode 78: had the Johns gotten naked together, it would've helped
Episode 80: always happens when you hold off saving for just a little longer
Episode 82: you lost me at "cock"
Episode 84: this joke doesn't get old to us (when done right)
Episode 86: it's important to coordinate
Episode 88: i like to fuck with myself
Episode 90: someone got told
Episode 92: maybe i should have gone with some penny porn
Episode 94: but just for a week (...or until later in the day)
Episode 96: certain things just unavoidably distract you
Episode 98: know the right things to say and get what you want

Episode 99: 50% of you will be disappointed - us two being 49% of the other 50%
Episode 100: here you go motherfuckers
Episode 101 [Chapter I]: Intruders Upon Our Sacred Realm
Episode 101 [Chapter II]: The Legendary Inescapable Curse Within
Episode 101 [Chapter III]: Do I Dazzle You
Episode 101 [Chapter IV]: Your Ass Is Nigh

Episode 103: hairy ladies can give birth too
Episode 105: i fucking love my snuggie you sons of bitches
Episode 107: a lesson well learned
Episode 109: oh thanks
Episode 111: i hope they have anoos delivery
Episode 113: dat ass
Episode 115: the only way that movie could've been scary
Episode 117: a gift from above for below
Episode 119: what have you done
Episode 121: neiiiiiiiiin
Episode 123: all the single lettuce
Episode 125: what have we done
Episode 127: an intervention intervention
Episode 129: vajiggle jaggle
Episode 102: same thing goes for when you sleep with your ass in the air
Episode 104: they're special #93B1D7 emitting lamps
Episode 106: don't tell Serge you have open wounds
Episode 108: someone needs to be there to watch
Episode 110: another lame pun I regret, but atleast this one's dirty
Episode 112: everyone knows flight 815 crashed on an island
Episode 114: our love for movies knows no limits
Episode 116: i don't know if the world would ever be ready
Episode 118: any reason to grab Aqua by the tittays must be a good reason
Episode 120: being in peril makes the most effective arts and crafts
Episode 122: sometimes spit isn't enough
Episode 124: hrnk it, hrnk it, hrnk it out loud
Episode 126: just wait until he notices the boomstick was left behind
Episode 128: your third brown eye is my favorite
Episode 130: sometimes Aqua shoves presents up there for Serge

Special Non-Episodes:

Halloween 2007 - Christmas 2007 - June 20th 2008
September 21st 2008 - Halloween 2008 - New Year 2009
Watchmen Movie - Two Year Anniversary - Serge's Broken Computer
Buy a Bookmark - Slán Go Fóill, Beep - brb, reality
Halloween 2011

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